Hypnosis explained by Top Belfast Hypnotherapist Alan Gilchrist

Hypnosis explained by Belfast Hypnotherapist Alan Gilchrist

What is Hypnosis ?

Stage Hypnosis

“You are feeling sleepy, very, very sleepy” is the catch-line that many people associate with the stage hypnotist, the watch swinging showman with hypnotic eyes that could pierce a stone.

The above statement is probably the most common perception that people have about hypnosis and hypnotherapy. It is certainly a mythical one and I have spent a lot of time over the last 25 years trying to dispel this myth.

Hypnosis has long been associated with stage shows and the mysterious, and it is for that very reason I had this website designed to set the record straight.

As you browse through my web site, I do hope you will be enlightened as to the wonderful benefits
that can be achieved by using Fast Track Hypnosis.

Many people assume that while they are under Hypnosis they can be made to do something against their will. If that were the case you would find me, not in my office, but down at the bank manager, swinging a little watch at him, telling him to forget about my overdraft, and we would all be hypnotists doing exactly the same !”

Stage Hypnotists like to give the impression they are controlling a person’s mind. In fact, no one can be hypnotised against their will, or forced to do something objectionable. If such a suggestion were given to them they would come out of the Hypnotic state immediately.

Hypnosis used in therapy gives people more control over their lives- not less!

Another myth is, a person may be unable to ever come out of the Hypnotic state and remain “asleep” forever !. If that were the case there would be millions of bodies lying in a trance all over the world and we would all read about it !

Fast Track Hypnosis

My version of Hypnosis which I call “Fast Track Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy ” is used to improve a person’s general functioning – mentally and/or physically with great effect and to help correct a wide range of problems (See Problems web page).

Hypnosis itself is only a state of relaxation with an altered state of heightened awareness.

People are not treated with hypnosis but are treated while in hypnosis!

Whenever a person uses hypnosis the subconscious mind can then accept positive suggestions, which in turn helps them to alter past behavioural problems, such as phobias, stress, confidence, etc, as well as simple ones, Stop Smoking, Weight Control, Gastric Band Hypnosis etc.

The Origin of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

James Braid

In the 18th century James Braid (1795-1860) a Scottish surgeon, sometimes called the “Father of Hypnosis” coined the word HYPNOSIS after the Greek god HYPNOS, meaning sleep. After having investigated “mesmerism”, and subsequently trying to expose it as a fake, he soon discovered that hypnosis was not a state of sleep.

He realised that it was a state of focusing and heightened awareness and tried (unsuccessfully) to change the word from Hypnosis to Monoideism, a state of prolonged absorption in a single idea (as in trance, hypnosis) but the word Hypnosis had already caught on.

Throughout his career he continued to use hypnosis for pain relief during surgery and also self hypnosis to ease his own arthritic pain. As Hypnosis started to receive serious recognition and could be explained in a more rational manner, it began to gain acceptance and not looked upon as being bizarre.

However, even today, many people still find the word ‘trance’ scary, and consider only weak-willed people can ‘go under or be put out’. (There are so many misconceptions and sensational stories about what hypnosis actually is).

In actual fact the more intelligent and creative a person is, the easier it is for them to enter hypnosis.

It is common for people who go into hypnosis to argue that they haven’t been hypnotised at all, as they put it “I didn’t go out”. A person entering the state of hypnosis feels total relaxation, and upon leaving this natural state they are wonderfully calm, extremely relaxed and are never sceptical or nervous of hypnosis again.

If you click on to the Alan Gilchrist Testimonials link, you can read some of the many letters received at my office, showing how Fast Track Hypnosis has helped some of my clients overcome their particular problem such as quitting smoking, weight control, gastric band hypnosis, to overcoming a phobia, panic attacks, blushing, stress, etc.

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