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Panic Attacks

A Review by a past client on how Fast Track Hypnosis can help YOU !

Panic Attacks

I came to see Alan in Oct/Nov 2015 (I’d previously been to see him regarding a different issue quite a number of years before and I remembered how much he had helped me then).

For over a year I’d been having “heart episodes” and was being seen at cardiac clinic etc and no-one could find anything more wrong other than a skipped beat now and again with palpitations. Then on the 18th Oct just sitting watching tv I had what I thought to be quite a severe heart episode but I was wrong.

It was the beginning of the scariest and worst time of my life !

The episode (which was a panic attack) in a split second changed me and my thinking in a very scary, negative way. The attacks would go on for hours, days at a time and I felt so totally out of control. The anxiety and mental panic was indescribably terrifying (that is not an exaggeration). On two different days the mental anxiety/panic was so bad I honestly thought I would have to get someone to get me to A&E – my thoughts would not stop running, my mind was zoning in on itself and all I could do was try and survive it.

Outwardly it seemed to my children (I’m a single parent) that there was nothing wrong and I was determined to keep it that way as I didn’t want to scare them – it seemed to anyone that I was just a bit quieter but I could never find words to describe adequately the inner turmoil and paralyzing fear that was really going on inside and this was in addition the physical manifestation of the attacks – adrenaline surge, sudden onset of feeling of panic etc.

I attended my GP in utter despair and desperation (they are aware that I have disabled/special needs children and am under a lot of stress) but I got no help other than to be repeatedly told that I was depressed, every time in the consultation I said no I’m not. They came back saying that I was and all they could offer me was anti-depressants – completely inappropriate and totally unnecessary – I left feeling even more isolated and alone in my turmoil and fear, however, this was a blessing in disguise because it was very soon after this that I thought of Alan.

On the very first session I felt more relaxed and so reassured that someone was there to help me. Shortly after the first session, I was listening to one of the cds when I began to have mental anxiety and panic attack though not as severe as prior to starting with Alan. I contacted Alan who wrote the words that was the turning point for me and it was to reassure me that what I was experiencing was a perfectly normal response for some people and it was caused due to my mind trying to resist the change.

Those few words brought such relief and reassurance to me and from there it just got so much better.

With each session and listening to the cds in between I went from barely being able to hold a conversation due to mental anxiety to having no panic feeling!

During my last session with Alan I thanked him for helping me. I tried in my own way to express just exactly what he had done for me, and what I said to him was, you have saved me.

Alan of course said it wasn’t him and that it was me helping myself via hypnosis and that’s true in part.

The fact is left on my own without Alan’s help I would be in a very different place now and therefore so would my children and it would most likely not have been good.

I stand by what I said to Alan that day, he did save me.

The statement above is in no way an exaggeration and anyone reading this please don’t be sceptical.Don’t be afraid about making that first contact, the bravest thing you could do for yourself/situation you need help with is to get in touch with Alan.

He is a gentleman whom as I mentioned before, I first got help from years ago and he is still a gentleman today.

Alan really could help you too, his method really works, I’m proof of that!


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