How Karen Overcame Her Phobia of Cats

This is Karen’s amazing record about her Phobia of Cats

A Phobia of Cats" I contacted Alan 2 weeks ago as my phobia of cats was just making my life unbearable.

I had suffered for 20 years and had finally had enough.

My phobia was so bad I couldn’t go into a house if a cat was in it.

Going out for walks was torture. I had even run off and left my children as toddlers whenever a cat came near (not proud of this).

I would wake up from terrible nightmares when I dreamt of cats.

Every single thing about them terrified me and it was just getting worse the older I got.

My husband and I would sit and go through hotels on TripAdvisor to check which hotels had cats before we could book our holidays.

It was just getting harder and harder as they were everywhere.

We have left our food in restaurants as I ran screaming when a cat walked under my chair from behind, it was torture.

It also wasn’t fair on my husband and kids because of my phobia of cats so I knew I had to do something.


The Fast Track Hypnosis  for my cat phobia with Alan Gilchrist

I came to see Alan, and he promised me he was going to sort me out. I did believe him because I really wanted it to work so badly.

Although in the back of my mind I just could never picture myself even getting close to a cat. I couldn’t breathe properly at the thought.

After my first session for my phobia of cats, Alan gave me a CD to take home to listen to. After a few nights of listening to this, I started to feel different.

I was able to go out and clean my car without constantly checking out the doors to see if any were near.

Plus when I went out to hang the washing and didn’t check all-around first for them so I knew something was working.

After the second session I was feeling brave and went out a walk to see what I would do if I see one, walked for 7 miles and not 1 did I see…typical! Lol

Although after the 3rd session I told Alan I was going to be in contact with a cat, I was determined!!!

I listened to my CDs and done my breathing and when a friend of mine brought her kitten into my house last night I forced myself to touch it!!!

In the beginning, I was trembling and couldn’t keep my hands still. However, I just kept repeating all the things Alan had said to me and I just kept getting braver and braver.

An hour and a half later I was on the floor with the kitten running around my feet and I even kissed it and was sad to see it leave.

Never in all my life did I ever think that day would come and it’s all thanks to Alan.

The Result

My life has totally changed and I’m so looking forward to being able to go to places now with the kids that we could never go to before.

I’ll be able to relax on my holidays now and I can’t believe I’m actually saying this. I can’t wait to play about with a wee kitten again cause it was actually so cute.

Don’t live like the way I did when you don’t need to. It’s no way to live.

I actually said to myself last night…the only way to get over your fear is to be brave and face it.

Thank you, Alan ……Karen "