" After  3 consultations I am a new person and have completely let go of the past.The result is I am positive, can see a future and realise now how much time I have wasted living in the past. I can see a very bright future ahead of me."

Goal Setting and Targets

"For you to get something you never had, you have to do something you’ve never done."

The above is a well known saying and it is also very true.

Are you thinking mainly about all the bad things that happened in your life?

Look at the future and assume things are always going to turn out badly for you?

Decided on a New Year resolution or set a goal/target but failed to stick to it?

Millions of people have goals they are initially excited about such as Stopping Smoking or Losing Weight or perhaps overcoming a problem etc.

But find a few days or weeks into it that they have lost all their motivation to continue.

Only through setting goals, ambitions and planning for the future can people hope to achieve.

How many times in life have you said, “I wish now I had done that” or “why didn’t I take that opportunity or that job”.

A Goal without a plan is just a Wish

Hypnosis for Goal Setting | Hypnotherapy for Success | Alan Gilchrist

There are millions of people very reluctant to set goals in their lives and have many reasons why they will not do so.

The upshot is it makes no sense in setting goals simply because they have failed so many times in the past.

They don’t want to experience the feeling of failure again!.

When they previously didn’t succeed, their self-esteem plummeted.

Consequently, they gave up or tried again without taking into account why it didn’t work the first time.

As a consequence, they put the goal on a list and leave the completion date open.

When troubles occurred, so they simply gave up because they had made the goals unrealistic or unattainable.

The main point is, setting and reaching their goals should be empowering, it should make them feel good about themselves and their life.

Goal Setting – Achieving Targets – Ambitions – with Fast Track Hypnosis

Successful people are usually the ones who have set career goals for themselves and stuck to them!

What stops most people from achieving goals in life is because they never get around to taking the first step at all!

When a person makes a decision on the type of goals/target or ambition they wish to achieve, one of the hardest tasks for them to do is to adhere to it.

Using Fast Track Hypnosis can help greatly by motivating the client to keep on track to achieve their goals in life.

Over the years I have helped many thousands of people to do just that – succeed !.

It is important to explain to the client my job is not to make any decisions for them.

It is to allow them to make choices, in a more calm, rational manner rather than panicking over it.

Clients have come to me wanting help for various decision making changes in their life.

These can come in many different forms, ranging from common ones, such as a career change, being better at sports, moving house.

Marriage/relationship problems can also be helped, to the rarer ones, such as the client who didn’t know whether to buy a row of houses or not, for so many millions of pounds!

Using the calming effects of Fast Track Hypnosis the client is asked to visualize themselves being successful in the future.

This, in turn, allows them to acquire the motivation for all the positives things that can come with achieving personal goals.

Fast Track Hypnosis helps the client to choose where they want to go and do in life.

Knowing precisely what they want to achieve, then concentrating their efforts to do precisely that.

The process normally takes 4 sessions depending on the response and commitment from the client.

This is opposed to the “1000 hour analysis ” methods used by psychologists, conventional Hypnotherapists, etc.

It is impossible to be totally accurate of how many sessions are required due to the differences in clients.

However, with the use of Fast Track Hypnosis, it dramatically speeds up the whole process.

CDs or Downloads are also provided to reinforce the ongoing results as they progress.

Finally, clients are taught self-hypnosis to give positive suggestions to themselves without the use of CDs or Downloads.

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Fees £85.00 or €85.00 per session.