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People understand that to finally stop smoking, they will save many thousands of pounds or euros each year. However, most importantly, they will be adding additional years to their lives.

Tobacco smoking finds its way into every smokers day, becoming a part of many activities.

Yet smokers continue even after all the serious advice and the impact of smoking given to them from their doctors and by the media.

It’s often said that human beings are creatures of habit. Even if they know that a habit is bad for them, such as smoking, and against all this good advice, they continue to do it anyway.

Mindsets are formed, influences such as lighting up after meals and when drinking alcohol, or even driving. It's now become second nature to them to reach for a cigarette.

Cigarettes are, for most addicts, an essential way to try to cope with personal stresses.

Stresses such as emotional, frustration, repetition in their work, or answering that dreaded phone call!

When they become distressed or agitated, they inevitably reach for the cigarette to help them to cope or deal with it.

Others wake up from sleep, and the first thing they do is light up a cigarette just to “ relax “ them.

Cigarette smoking is simply a habit.

For every smoker who professes to enjoy their habit, there are THOUSANDS of others who are crying out to quit.

The benefits of stopping smoking are fantastic!

The plain truth is cigarettes are a false friend that can subsequently kill them!