" Sorry I haven’t replied sooner. I didn’t forget, I just wanted to leave it a few months In order to truly know what affects your learn to relax sessions had on me. As I stand today, I am now truly the happiest I have been since I first become low, sad, miserable….DEPRESSED 15 years ago. I Am 31 now but don’t feel it, I feel like iv a new lease of living. "

Learn to Relax - At Last!

It is commonly accepted that some people can cope with the stresses of modern-day life more readily than others can.

But over the last year with Covid 19 and the lockdowns, MORE people are now increasingly unable to cope at all!

People seem to fall completely apart at the slightest pressure, while others seem to be untouched by these stresses.

If a person is presented with enough stress such as by bereavement, difficulties in personal life.

With problems such as financial worries, loss of employment or other outside pressures, they will become stressed and anxious.

The inability to relax may also occur due to PMS, anger, or being in constant pain.

However, certain types of stress can be very beneficial for you (a romantic encounter - or the anticipation of an event or celebration).

What is not acceptable is the stress that can debilitate the body and mind.

Millions of people use hypnosis to learn to relax and take control of and enjoy their life every day.

The more relaxed you are, the more you have to gain in every area of your life.

Business people, sportsmen and women, politicians, students regularly use hypnosis, in fact, people from every walk of life.

Alan Gilchrist and Fast Track Hypnosis will help.Relaxation Hypnotherapy | Hypnosis to Relax | Alan Gilchrist Hypnotherapy

Are YOU stressed and feel that you are unable to cope?.

Then using this unique method of Fast Track Hypnosis could be your answer to help overcome it.

The Fast Track Hypnosis type of hypnotherapy, can also help to relieve many symptoms of stress such as insomnia, nervousness, blushing, etc.

Relaxation in itself will not solve any particular problem that you may have or expect to happen.

However, with the use of Fast Track Hypnosis (plus the techniques that I will show you) and the ability to relax, it will allow you to see your problems more clearly and deal with them.

You can transform the NEGATIVES into POSITIVES, providing direction in your life, taking charge once again.

The learn to relax method will help give you more confidence, a better memory, more energy, more motivation.

Consequently, you will then be calm enough to deal with problems more efficiently and effectively.

The old expression “calm down and you will see things in a different light” is very true using this unique type of Hypnosis.

Fast Track Hypnosis and Relaxation techniques combined have wonderful side effects – both mental and physical.

Mental Relaxation

This can bring an increased sense of serenity, not as irritable, or losing your temper as often, getting things done, sleeping more deeply and waking more refreshed, etc.

Indeed clients would often contact me because they are falling asleep when listening to their CDs, but now they are sleeping far better than ever before, which is perfectly normal.

Physical Relaxation

Stressful lifestyles involving long hours of work etc. can lead to physical conditions such as high blood pressure, stomach and duodenal ulcers.

Other problems that can occur are migraine, bruxism (teeth grinding), shoulders tensed, tension throughout the body, tension headaches, etc.

The body is telling you to ease off the pressure or suffer the consequences!

Fast Track Hypnosis can help with many stress-related disorders.

It's done by helping to reduce stress levels effectively and very quickly as opposed to some conventional therapies which can take much longer to achieve.

However, before commencing treatment it is always advisable that you contact your GP to ensure that the problem is NOT genuinely physical, as Hypnosis may then be unable to help.

Relaxation Hypnotherapy | Hypnosis to Relax | Alan Gilchrist Hypnotherapy

With the use of my Fast Track method, it is possible to develop not only a mental attitude towards your well being but also a physical one as well.

The whole process can take up to 4 sessions depending on the severity of the problem, and the response and commitment from you.

It is impossible to be totally accurate as to how many sessions are required due to the differences in clients, but with the use of Fast Track Hypnosis it dramatically speeds up the whole process.

Unlike conventional Hypnotherapy which may take many more sessions ( up to 15 ).

CD’s or Downloads are also supplied to reinforce the sessions and finally, you are taught Auto Hypnosis so that you can achieve this wonderful state of relaxation yourself.

Fees £85.00 or €85.00 per session.