"I went to see Alan at the age of 11. After 4 sessions and listening to my recordings every night, I gradually became more confident and was able to talk to more people on a gradual basis. Now at the age of 19 I no longer have any problem talking and I highly recommend this treatment to anyone suffering from Selective Mutism….Shannon T…… "

Increase Confidence

Over the 35 years, I have been in practice, I have helped many thousands of people with severe confidence issues using Fast Track Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis for Confidence

Some problems are quite simple, such as the client who is getting married and doesn’t want to make a fool of themselves by becoming too emotional at the service (in fact I also get the parents in for that one as well!).

Other hurdles can be public speaking, blushing, interviews, exams, etc.

Fast Track Hypnosis is ideal in helping a person to increase their confidence.

Listed below are some of the problems people have asked me to help them with:
  • Giving presentations, stumbling over their words, perhaps in front of colleagues.
  • Going on a first date.
  • Giving reports (very common with the medical profession).
  • Cold calling, either in person or on the phone.
  • Asking the boss for a pay rise.
  • Dealing with the public or groups of people.
  • Attending lectures.
  • Inability to communicate in the way they want to.

Only superior people can feel inferior. Inferior people don't know it!

Lack of confidence can be due to many causes;
  • Being teased in childhood.
  • Self-conscious about one's appearance.
  • Inability to cope at work, and/or being intimidated by bosses.
  • Constantly being put down by parents or partner.
  • A previous situation where they did not react correctly or held back and now regret it.

Fast Track Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy can help a person to overcome their self-doubt and insecurities by implanting positive suggestions and removing negative associations or emotions.Hypnotherapy for Confidence | Self Esteem Hypnotherapy | Alan Gilchrist

Fast Track Hypnosis also gives them the confidence to overcome self-doubt and to gain the self-confidence for whatever they need to use it for….

It can also help to create a positive attitude for the client to use before and during meetings, social events, presentations, or any situation that would make them feel self-conscious, uneasy, angry or upset.

If the problem is a simple one then only one session would be required.

However, if the problem is more deep-rooted then the process normally takes approximately 4 sessions.

This depends on the response and commitment from the client as opposed to the longer methods used by psychologists, conventional Hypnotherapists, etc.

It is impossible to be totally accurate as to how many sessions are required due to the differences in clients, but with the use of Fast Track Hypnosis it dramatically speeds up the whole process.

CDs or Downloads are also provided to reinforce ongoing results as you progress.

Finally, you are taught self-hypnosis to give positive suggestions to yourself without the use of CDs or Downloads.

Fees £85.00 or €85.00 per session.