"My life has totally changed and I’m so looking forward to being able to go to places now with the kids that we could never go to before.
I can’t wait to play about with a wee kitten again cause it was actually so cute.
Don’t live like the way I did when you don’t need to. It’s no way to live. "

Overcome a Phobia

Overcome a Phobia- Fast Track Hypnosis

Do YOU have a Phobia? - then I can help.

A phobia is an anxiety disorder characterised by an illogical fear of people, places, animals, objects or a potential situation.

How a phobia can affect an individual can vary immensely and can cause severe disruption to a persons wellbeing.

For this reason, you prefer to ignore it, to where your heart starts beating very fast, perhaps a feeling of sickness.

Other symptoms are dryness of the mouth, tension, becoming breathless, to even a sense of fainting or actual fainting.

A Phobia can take over your life completely.

As a result, you're always thinking about it and will create scenarios in your mind of how to avoid the phobic situation.

Subsequently, if you do need to face it, how are you going to react at that time, or will you make a complete fool out of yourself, etc. The list is endless!.

A phobia is an outward projection of internal anxiety.

In reality, it can be created in many ways such as in severe stress, a single event, excessive tension caused by a recurring experience, or maybe by a past trauma

Overcome a Phobia using Hypnosis – Various methods that can be applied.

Regression therapy (not past life regression)

You are regressed to trace the origin of your fear.  Consequently, once it is found to understand the circumstances that created it, then remove the anxiety associated with it.

However, this procedure takes a large number of sessions to achieve using traditional Hypnotherapy, and there is NO guarantee that you will find it.

Fast Track Suggestion Therapy

Fast Track Hypnosis is ideal in helping a person overcome their phobia and in a concise space of time.

Suggestion Therapy is much swifter and a more productive way of dealing with any phobia.

Positive suggestions are implanted into the subconscious mind to counteract your fears and alter the perception of your particular phobia.

For this reason, Fast Track Hypnosis allows you to train your brain to react differently in response to your worries.

On the positive side, you will laugh at how ridiculous your fears had been with the use of Fast Track Hypnosis!.

How this System works to overcome a phobia.

When talking to a client in the initial session, I explain the Fast Track Hypnosis method further.

I use the analogy of someone who watches a horror movie.

Their conscious mind sees the image, and the subconscious mind reacts towards this image, making the viewer frightened.

The image is unreal as it is only projected onto a piece of glass.

With regards to  overcoming a Phobia

The conscious mind sees an image (real or imagined) such as a bird, and the subconscious reacts towards the vision, making it totally out of proportion. This, in turn, causes a feeling of intense panic.

Consequently, with the calming effects of Fast Track Hypnosis, the subconscious mind is allowed to see the phobia in a funny way.

In brief, the theory behind this is quite simple, by laughing at your phobia, you are not scared of it, and since you are not frightened of it, it goes away.

The process typically takes approximately four sessions.

Subject to the response and commitment that you give, as opposed to much longer methods used by psychologists, conventional Hypnotherapists, etc.

It is impossible to be accurate as to how many sessions may be required due to the differences in clients.

However, with the use of Fast Track Hypnosis, it dramatically speeds up the whole procedure.


One TV program featured me helping a young boy of ten years of age, who was having phobias and panic attacks.

The upshot is he didn't want to go to school because of these attacks and subsequently tried to throw himself out of a car at 45 mph.

As can be seen, this problem was resolved in a short space of time.

Another is a Programme about my Phobia List

Phobia of Injections and/or Needles.

The most common one that I would treat nearly every day is, believe it or not, the phobia of blushing.

But this has now been taken over by another phobia, and this one can have devastating consequences on a persons well being and also their health if it is not treated.

It is the phobia of Injections and/or Needles.

This short video describes it in more detail.

CDs or Downloads

These are provided to reinforce your ongoing results as you progress.

Additionally, you are taught auto-hypnosis to be able to give positive suggestions to oneself in any new event that you may experience.

Fees £85.00 or €85.00 per session
(The process takes approx four sessions )

Phobia - Cats
Phobia - Dogs

Two Clients overcoming their phobia of Cats and Dogs.

Click on the pictures and read their amazing stories.