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Can Your Problem Be Helped Using My Unique Fast Track Hypnosis System?

Hypnosis is a wonderful gift that we can all achieve and use to our benefit if we truly want to.

However, it is not a cure-all for everything! For example, it cannot cure a broken leg (although it can be used for pain relief)

Listed below are some of the more common problems I have been asked to deal with over my 35 years in practice.

If you are unsure your problem can be helped or not, then please contact me.

Acne Anxiety is reduced and self esteem is improved
Acting Overcome stage fright. Memorising lines' etc
Acumen in business Discipline, motivation and organisation
Adaptation Adjusting to change, marriage, divorce, job, etc.
Advertising Creativity, deadlines sales, etc .
Agoraphobia Fear of open spaces
Air travel Crew- confidence, etc. Passengers see
Alcoholism Help with self esteem, withdrawal symptoms, etc.
Amnesia Helping to recall names, numbers, places, etc.
Analgesia Pain relief. Doctor's permission is always required.
Anaesthesia Reduced pain sensitive in dentistry, etc.
Anger Inward rage controlled. learning to relax in situations etc.
Anorexia Doctor's permission and counselling is required.
Anxiety Emotional sensations which can be changed.
Asthma Anxiety reduced and breathing difficulty relaxed hypnosis.
Athletics Goal setting , targets, motivation, etc.
Automobile travel Car sickness, fear of driving, driving tests etc.
Beauty Improving poor self image, etc.
Behaviour Changing attitudes to positive from negative.
Bladder control Unable to urinate, etc. Doctor's permission required.
Blushing Blushing for no apparent reason.
Boating Seasickness, confidence in sailing, etc.
Bowling Motivation, coordination, focusing, etc.
Bruxism Teeth grinding due to stress.
Bulimia Doctor's permission and counselling is also required.
Cancer Pain relief, stress reduction etc. Doctor's permission is required.
Childbirth Self hypnosis taught for pain relief.
Claustrophobia  A fear of enclosed places
Compulsions Repetitive actions moderated.
Confidence Self image is enhanced, etc.
Contact lenses Inability to put them in overcome, etc.
Courage Help with overcoming a particular event, etc.
Creativity Using your abilities to the utmost, painting, writing, sculpture, etc.
Dancing Stage fright, timing, rhythm, etc.
Dentists Fear of the dentist , pain or being out of control - Odontophobia
Dentures Fear of putting them in, gagging, etc.
Depression Helping a person to get on with life.
Diabetes Weight and diet control, motivation, etc.
Dieting  Weight Control and  maintaining a diet.
Discipline Being decisive and determined, etc.
Driving test Overcoming driving test nerves.
Dysmenorrhea Painful periods. Doctor's permission required.
Drug dependency Increased confidence, relaxation, etc. Doctor's permission required.
Eating Controlling eating habits.
Education Overcome exam nerves and increased learning ability, etc.
Elevators Fear of getting on an elevator.
Enuresis Bedwetting. Common with young children.
Fertility Inability to conceive. Doctor's permission is required.
Fetishes Reprogramming in order to function normally.
Flatulence Passing wind, fear of,
Flying Fear of flying. Fear of being out of control.
Forensic Hypnosis Used to retrieve forgotten information, etc.
Gagging Difficulty in swallowing pills, etc.
Gambling Compulsion removed.
Goal setting Motivation, target setting, etc, improved.
Golf Greater concentration ,increased stamina, etc.
Guilt feelings Replaced with feelings of self esteem, etc.
Gynaecology Overcoming fear of internal examinations, etc.
Habits Help to replace bad habits for good ones, etc.
Headaches Migraine, etc. Doctor's permission is required.
Hiccups Relief from the spasms which rock the diaphragm.
Horse riding Improving the riders ability and timing in trot,  jumping etc.
Hydrophobia Fear of water.
Hypochondria Imagined fears of illness removed.
Hypertension High blood pressure. Doctor's permission is required.
Image Leading to a more realistic self image, etc.
Impotence If mental and not physical hypnosis can help.
Impulsiveness Preventing rash decisions becoming automatic.
Inferiority complex Improving the clients self image, etc.
Inhibitions Altering one's level of fulfillment, etc.
Injections Fear of Needles or blood etc
Insecurity Overcome feelings of helplessness, etc.
Insomnia Sleep pattern corrected
Irritability Learn to remain calm and relaxed.
Itching Stop uncontrollable scratching caused by habit.
Jealousy Insecurities about another person are lessened.
Jet lag Help to adjust to a new time schedule.
Judgement Making a decision and sticking to it, etc.
Lisping Improving speech impediments, confidence, etc.
Marksmanship Improve concentration ,co-ordination, etc.
Memory Retain information better.
Migraines Easing of tension. Doctor's permission is required.
Mourning If excessive, hypnosis can help.
Muscle cramps Muscle pains respond to relaxation of self hypnosis.
Nailbiting Also picking. A simple problem to overcome.
Negativism Replacing bad ideas with good ones.
Nightmares In many cases pleasant dreams can be suggested.
Noisiness Sensitivity to sound. De-sensitisation is used.
Obesity Control eating habits and build a better self image.
Obsessions Obsessive thoughts can be re-channeled.
Optimism Increase positive thinking.
Oral compulsions Overeating, smoking, etc, see web pages.
Pilots Being alert, concentration, etc.
Premature ejaculation If no physical reason then hypnosis can help.
Procrastination Help with getting things done, etc.
Psoriasis Relief from stress and itching can help.
Racing Sports motivation, goal setting, etc.
Reading skills Accelerated learning, memory retention, etc.
Relaxation Relief from body tensions ,etc.
Respiration Hypnosis helps to relax the chest muscles.
Rheumatism Pain relief. Doctors permission required.
Salesmanship Goal setting ,achieving targets, etc.
Seasickness Nausea and anxiety reduced.
Self-image Live up to your highest potential.
Sexuality Overcome relationship problems, etc.
Singers Stage fright, confidence, etc.
Smoking Hypnosis to stop smoking
Snoring Help to alleviate this problem for partner!
Stage-fright Overcome the fear of audiences.
Study habits Reduce anxiety about exams and studying.
Stuttering Speech improved when talking , more confidence, etc.
Swimming Sports motivation and performance, etc.
Teaching Confidence, patience, tolerance, etc.
Tension Coping with the stresses of modern day life.
Tennis Sports Motivation, concentration, etc.
Terminal illness Pain relief. Doctor's permission is required.
Trichotillomania Hair pulling, common in young children.
Underachieving Image improvement, confidence, etc.
Vitality Renewed energy and vibrancy, etc.
Weight Dealing with weight issues
If your problem is not listed here then please do not worry or be disappointed as I am constantly asked to help with conditions that I and other ethical Hypnotherapists have never come across before.