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Alan Gilchrist

Alan Gilchrist

Alan Gilchrist has been in practice at his Belfast Hypnotherapy Centre for over 35 years and is the longest practising and most experienced Hypnotherapist in Belfast and throughout Northern Ireland.

Alan is also the creator of the Ultimate" Fast Track Hypnosis System "which has been featured and successfully put to the test by the media and TV programs on numerous occasions.

His incredible "Fast Track Hypnosis System" is used to overcome an extensive range of problems particularly his Stop Smoking Hypnosis in UNDER 30 Minutes – Weight Control Hypnosis and now the Fast Track Gastroband system ( Hypnotic Gastric Band Hypnosis).

It's so effective other Hypnotherapists are trying to copy his unique system !.

His Fast Track Hypnosis has been featured in a book.

During his career, Alan has helped more than 75,000 clients at his Hypnotherapy Centre in Belfast and at his one-day clinics across Northern Ireland.

Clinics have also been held in Southern Ireland, England, Scotland, Spain, Netherlands.

His system is so popular and successful that clients have even travelled to Belfast from the USA, Hong Kong, Spain, Portugal, France, Malta, Estonia, Italy, and other places to avail of his unique services.

Alan also writes for newspapers and magazines on popular topics such as Stop Smoking Hypnosis, Gastric Band Hypnosis, Lose Weight Hypnosis, Phobias, etc.

Fast Track Hypnosis Put to the Test

When Alan first started using his new form of therapy the media were very interested to see if it worked, so various programmes and newspapers in Northern Ireland contacted Alan to see if he would like his method put to the test.

UTV was the first to test it out on a programme called 'Ask Anne' hosted by a presenter called Anne Hailes.

Anne supplied an actor called Brendan Coyle ( who went on to appear in the series Downton Abbey and then the movie of the same name ) that wished to quit smoking using the Fast Track system.

The first half of the programme was devoted to another of Alan's clients - an agoraphobic.

She was a psychologist but used Alan's method to overcome her problem and described her journey of recovery in detail.

Fast Track Stop Smoking

The entire hypnotherapy process was filmed at Alan's clinic on the Lisburn Road, and a week later the Brendan and Alan appeared on the programme to discuss the very positive results.

When the series run ended, Brendan was again contacted by Anne and reported that he was still a non-smoker four and a half months later and had found it quite easy.

Another Test

This time it was UTV's consumer programme "Check it out" whereby Alan introduced a new therapy in conjunction with his already successful stop smoking treatment.

This was a relaxation system from the USA, which uses light and sound science.

The audio and visual system very swiftly creates deep relaxation that is required in Hypnotherapy as opposed to traditional and much slower techniques such as meditation, yoga, etc.

This new approach helps with modifying behaviour such as weight loss, ceasing smoking, relaxation, phobias, stress, blushing, etc.

Once again the end result of this television programme was very successful.

Brendan Coyle on Ask Anne

Laser Light Therapy

As an additional aid to the highly effective success rate of Alan's Smoking and Weight sessions he then included in the concept (in addition to the audio and visual system) another new American approach - Laser Light Therapy.

The science behind Laser Therapy is formulated on the acupuncture principle, (at this point, it should be emphasised that there is NO insertion of needles.

The procedure is entirely painless and discretionary if the client so wishes.

A small ray of light is placed over the acupuncture points on the outer ear. By applying this, it generates the production of the body's natural endorphins (an anti-stress chemical that creates a euphoric feeling)

This then increases the client's own will and determination to quit their habit or craving with few or no withdrawal symptoms.

These techniques are now standard practice in Alan's therapy unlike any other practitioner in Northern Ireland or Belfast.

This ensures the client always receives the best possible treatment available rapidly and powerfully.