Slim Down, Lose Weight and Feel Fabulous for Christmas 2022 with Fast Track Hypnosis

Get into shape for Christmas with Northern Ireland’s Top Hypnotherapist Alan Gilchrist and his revolutionary Fast Track Hypnosis Gastoband system and lose those inches. Weight loss using the acclaimed Fast Track Gastroband Program is designed for people who are fully committed to losing weight without the need for invasive surgery to achieve their goals.

Fast Track Hypnosis deals with the vital aspects surrounding weight gain and loss. The mind. Diets, both of the fad and the medically-devised varieties, fail to deal with this and as such, are almost doomed to fail.

How can a diet work, when it only addresses the physical? The reasons behind overeating are all mental and so, there’s an uneven equation.

The only way to address the reasons why you overeat is to use a treatment that goes straight to the heart of the matter and Fast Track Hypnosis does just that.

The subconscious houses all of your thoughts, worries, concerns and habits. If you have an addiction, then the reason for that addiction can be found, buried away in your subconscious. And what is overeating, if not an addiction to food?


It can be quite difficult to change the behavioural patterns, formed throughout life, which find their roots in this part of the mind. With psychotherapy, it can take quite a long time to truly address these issues and to make changes in your life. But Fast Track Hypnosis can focus all of its might on the subconscious to do just that . There are several treatments that help within just the one, such as weight control or stopping smoking! That’s the power of Fast Track Hypnosis.

At this point, you might be questioning my words. It sounds a bit too good, doesn’t it? However, let me explain the science behind it and all will become clear!

Now, as I said, the subconscious is the storage compartment of your brain. In it, go all your fears and hopes, your dreams and nightmares. All the good and the bad memories are packed away here. Hypnosis is only a relaxed state of mind, induced in my sessions through Hypnosis and audio-visual technology.

So relaxed is the mind that it goes on standby. This is the active part of the brain. If you’re wondering what to cook for tea or if you left the bathroom light on… well, this is the area this is relaxed. It isn’t switched off. Simply resting.
At this point, the subconscious switches on and once this happens, the actual therapy occurs.

Suggestion therapy is where positive suggestions are implanted into the subconscious. At that moment, your brain absorbs this positivity and overwrites the negative. Once you come out of Hypnosis the active mind reboots and all of these new ‘installations’ come to the fore. Your brain is effectively updated and you’re ready to get on with your life.

Where weight gain is concerned, I check for the root of the problem. Once we determine why you overeat, then we combat that issue when you are in the supremely relaxed state that is Hypnosis.

Afterwards we then take the time to go through your weight loss strategy. As good as hypnosis is at transforming the mental, it takes time to get your body into peak physical condition. However, the length of time it does take is dramatically reduced. Why? Because you’re focused. Your willpower will never be as strong; you’ll be supremely motivated and will be ready to start the diet.

And all of this in just the one, thirty minute Fast Track session. As incredible as it seems, it’s the way it. works.

By going straight to the root, determining why you overeat and why you’re overweight makes it easier for you to diet. Part of the Fast Track suggestion therapy is about encouraging you to enjoy exercise, to like healthy foods and to crave them instead of junk, i.e. sweets, crisps and chocolates.

Every year that passes, the mind gets out of shape. Old habits die hard and they’re incredibly difficult to break. One such habit is confusing appetite for hunger on a frequent basis. Appetite is habit. You’re bored; there’s nothing on TV and suddenly, you fancy a packet of biscuits! So up you get and you eat the entire pack of digestives! Hunger is when your body is running low on fuel; it needs food to burn so that your body’s systems can run at peak speed.

Appetite encourages you to eat more than you need. When the stomach has all the body needs, it will send a message to the brain to stop eating. As such, confusing the two is detrimental to the figure. During your session, this issue is addressed and the subconscious is tweaked until it’s back on track.

The power of the mind is truly incredible and often understated. Once your subconscious is focused on getting into shape, then that’s what it will insist on!

Stop relying on fad diets. Discard the miracle weight loss solutions that pop up on any search engine. Visit me and we’ll determine why you are overweight and we’ll address those issues. Afterwards, simply eat healthily. Exercise. And guess what, you’ll lose weight.

It really is that simple – there’s nothing complicated about it!

If you want to lose weight, save yourself a fortune in the meantime and at the end of it, come out with the figure you’ve always wanted, then Fast Track Hypnosis is the answer!!

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