Daniel – Stop Smoking


Stop Smoking

Before my consultation I had been a smoker for roughly 7 years, starting at age 13.
I never saw myself stopping, until 3 months ago.

I was hospitalised with a broken jaw, which resulted in reconstructive surgery to put metal plates in my jaw to mend the breaks.

After surgery I was left with 40 stitches inside my mouth, 4 teeth removed and was told not to smoke. For 1 week I struggled with the help of nicotine patches until I was recommended to Alan’s Practice.

Two and a half months later I have not got the urge and probably have saved a fortune already. The CD has been really helpful for sleeping also.

I have since wanted to take steps to better myself in other areas of my life as I feel much more confident as a non-smoker.

Cannot thank Alan enough for what he has done.

My life has changed forever.Daniel