Blush – Julie

“Dear Alan,

Some months ago I came to see you with a blushing problem.

The first thing that you told me was that you were not a miracle worker, but now I definitely disagree. I noticed a difference from day one in my confidence and how relaxed I was. I had tried everything but you were my last hope.

I can now cope in situations that prior to my treatment I would have found impossible. I got up and sang at a Karaoke at a family party. I once dreaded going out of the house, now I love to take part in everything.

My family say they will send me back to you to shut me up, ’cause I do nothing but talk now. If I ever need your help again I will not hesitate to contact you.

I have also recommended you to my family and friends. I hope you will continue to help people for many years to come.

Thank you very much,