Blush – Marty

“Hi Alan,

I am a bit late leaving this testimonial as I should have done it sooner.

I received 3 sessions from yourself to help to conquer blushing. When I first came to see you it was a serious issue. It was getting in the way of almost everything .

I dreaded social occasions, and the mere thought of blushing used to set me off. I struggled on occasions when talking to someone face to face.

It almost got to the point that all I could think about during my day was “When will I blush?”

Amazingly I am cured. Following your sessions , and persisting with the CDS (and Auto Hypnosis) I am cured !!!

I would recommend ( and have done so) Hypnosis to anybody. It offers that gentle push to change mindsets and is of real benefit.

Many Thanks Marty……..”