Conf – Deborah

” Dear Reader,

I am a 35 year old personal assistant who works for a consultant in the NHS.

I was a confident person until a few years ago, following problems at my work place when I developed panic attacks.

I was off work for several months as it got to the stage where I was terrified to leave my home and I was prescribed anti – depressants by my G.P. My IBS was very severe and when I was able to leave my home, I was always panicking about not finding a bathroom on time and being able to leave meetings etc. if I needed to.

This has had a terrible and long lasting effect on my confidence and my perception of who I am.

Recently I had been experiencing new stressors and decided to do something about it before I got full blown panic attacks once more.

I couldn’t go through all that again and I didn’t want to take tablets. I did an internet search and found Alan Gilchrist who specialises in phobias and rehabilitating thought processes through hypnotism and arranged an appointment to see him.

This has been the best decision I have ever made!

Alan is so easy to talk to. His warmth and professionalism ensures that you know you can tell him anything without him being judgemental, and from our initial consultation, there have been dramatic changes in my life.

I feel more like my old self, more confident, more positive and more aware of who I am, what I want and more importantly, I am no longer afraid to go and get it !

In fact, I have – I am in the process of enrolling in an Open University diploma course to further my academic studies, something I would not have dreamed I could do a few years ago. Other things I have noted include, situations don’t get on top of me as much, as I am much more relaxed.

I sleep better and don’t suffer the tension pains in my shoulders and neck the same way I used to. In a strange twist, I’ve started to lose weight as I’m not comfort eating any more.

Happy days !

I have really enjoyed my sessions with Alan and would sincerely recommend him to you.

He can and will make a difference to your life. Deborah……”