Conf – Gary

“Dear Alan, I am writing to let you know how things are going.

When I came to see you for the first time I was not happy about how I felt about myself, I didn’t have much confidence in talking to people on the telephone and going into banks , that sort of thing, it was always a problem

.I was always quiet in school and also in my first job as an electrician. My boss was always putting me down. 13 years later I told him I was leaving for another job. REVENGE!

I felt really good and always thought that I would be stuck in the same job.

I have been in my current job for nearly a year and things are good, but because of my last boss was nasty to me I felt really uneasy talking to people.

It seemed to come natural to everyone else.I came to you for help and the first few sessions were good, I actually began to be truly happy and live my life. I felt so good inside.

I don’t have much of a problem on the phone or going into a bank any more.

Since seeing you I have been to barbecues and going out with pals from work. I always did go out with lots of friends and family, but I was always happy to take a back seat, but not now!. It’s CLASS !

Many Thanks Gary. P.S. Its good to talk! “