Darron – FOF

Hi Alan,

You helped me last year with my discomfort and anxiety while flying.

I’ve flown a couple of times since you did the extra stress session with me. I listened to the stress audio a couple of days before and then onboard once settled. The first flight to Portugal after the session back in October was constantly bumpy to varying degrees throughout but I wasn’t that bothered, I even found myself smiling at my wife mid-flight which is a first! The return trip was a fairly relaxed affair too.

However, the real test was yesterday as I was flying to Portugal with my son. I’d got myself pretty worked up on the build-up to the flight, constantly checking the weather etc. I really wasn’t looking forward to the flight. I couldn’t avoid the reports of incoming Storm Dennis and the impending sense of doom. Still, I listened to the stress audio every day for a few days before in readiness.

Then to make matters worse, once onboard the pilot said blustery conditions for take-off and the. the first 40 mins of the flight will be turbulent And everyone MUST remain in their seat. Oh shit, he knows something we don’t! Cue numb hands, tingling fingers, a lump in the chest and a sense of rising panic. How could I get off the plane? Maybe the flight would be cancelled? I was secretly hoping!

Earphones in and I listened to the stress audio 3 or 4 times through take off. The pilot wasn’t wrong! I’m pleased to say the horrendous turbulence after takeoff through storm Dennis really didn’t appear to bother me. Violent shaking from side to side, lurching and falling as we ascended….My son tells me it was 50 mins of turbulence but I was so relaxed, nearly asleep, listening to the audio over and over… Stress bounces off and away from me….I did the triangle forehead thing and repeated “I’m calm, I’m relaxed, I’m in control” a few times and I was so surprised I got through it completely relaxed.

I was so pleased with myself for sitting through what should have been sheer terror while being so relaxed.

I thought the sessions might have ‘ worn off’ or something but your special Hypnosis really works!

Thanks for all your help so far!

Best wishes