Driving – Angela

“Dear Alan, I would like to say a big thank you.

As you know I had a terrible fear of doing my driving test, but most especially a fear of the driving examiners after failing it five times, I was convinced I would never get it.

I came to see you twice – for the driving test and then the phobia session.

I listened to my CDs every night , and I listened to the driving test CD three weeks ago when I sat my sixth test. I was convinced it would not work, however on the day of the test when the examiner got into the car, I used to shake with nerves, however, on this day I was completely calm and relaxed as you said I would be on the CD.

I sailed through the driving test with hardly a nerve and passed, thanks to you and your CDs. If I can do this anyone can. Thanks again Alan all the best. To anyone reading this I would say if you want it badly enough, it will happen especially with a little help from Alan.

Yours Sincerely Angela.”