Exams – Edith

“Dear Alan, I want to convey a feeling, so, imagine it is an ordinary day.

You get up. You go to the shop for some bread. You go in. You choose a loaf. There are no queues so you pay for it without any problems. Then you go home. No problems, no worries, nothing to get worked up about, everything normal.

Now hold on to that calm, normal feeling and project it into my situation.

I got up. I went to the exam centre. I chose my questions. I answered them. I went home.

Is this the same person who was so nervous that in previous exams she could not control he pencil and her writing shot off all over the page, leaving a mark like someone telling a lie on a lie detector machine?

The same person whose hands shook so much that she unintentionally flung her pencil case and contents off the desk and onto the floor, disturbing everyone else?

Yes, it’s the same one – but not since you taught me how to hypnotise myself.

Some things that I did not tell you about in the sessions (because I did not think of them as being important) were:
Any time that I went for a job interview I took ill. Even filling in an application form would leave me in so much pain I would have to abandon the effort. Because of this I was on homeopathic medicine.

It helped but gave me a cough that would not go away so the doctor gave me an inhaler. I am now so calm that I do not need either the inhaler or the medicine.

I used to get worked up when things went wrong in the office. Everything seemed the end of the world.

Now I am totally laid back and take upsets in my stride.

I now come across to the management as capable and I’ve been given more responsibility, which doesn’t bother me in the least.

I can’t believe the change in myself but I know it is the self-hypnosis, because I took a fortnights break from it after the exams, and everything began to “slip” so I went back to it.

Thank you very much for all you have done, yours calmly Edith Mc C”