“Hi Alan,

I can’t thank you enough. I’ve just had my first holiday with a flight in 7 years.

I can say that with all honesty I had some nervous times coming up to the holiday.

With the help of the CD’s and most of all self hypnosis these were soon settled. The Palma flight was delayed for 1 hour , which meant all the flying time would be in darkness. Even when I liked to fly I didn’t like flying in the dark.

As I boarded the plane at Belfast International Airport I felt good, but the really testing time for me was the closing of the aircraft doors. Any other time at this stage I would have been in a really bad way with fear.

As the plane taxied towards the runway I could not believe how calm I felt, this in itself gave me a major boost.

As we took off I looked at C…. my wife, and gave her a big smile and told her I felt great.

She also felt great, because usually by now I’d be gripping her hand with vice grip tightness. I had my mini disc with me which I had copied your CD’s onto (just as a standby), but the cabin crew announced during the safety talk that no electronic equipment was permitted during take off.

I still had my back up anyway, the self hypnosis. I used it a couple of times – not that I had problems but I just wanted to top up.

The flight lasted 2 hours 15 minutes, on arrival at Palma airport I felt fantastic and I got C….. to take this photo of me in my seat on the plane.

As you can see by my smile I was so pleased with myself. It’s been a long time since I felt like that getting off a plane. I had a great week and never once worried about the return flight.

I’m home now and cant wait to go on holiday again.

The last flight I had was November 2001 from Belfast to Birmingham, we had gone there for a weekend break. I was really frightened even though the flight was a smooth one.

I could not make myself board the plane for the flight home, and had to arrange a coach and boat for the return trip to Belfast. Booking the holiday to Majorca was a big step for me , and I could not have done it without your help.

I was the target of a few friendly jokes from my work mates when they heard I had gone for Hypnotherapy, but I can say now that I had the last laugh.

Alan once again thanks from both of us. C……….”