FOF – Ronan

“Hello Alan,

I just thought I would get in touch to thank you for all of your help in getting me over my fear of flying.

It had been 25 years since my last flight ( only 13 years old at the time ) when I called in with you to see if you could help me out.

At that stage I thought I was a lost cause and was destined for long ferry journeys the rest of my life, but four Hypnotherapy sessions later I was a lot more relaxed and settled on the idea of getting on a plane !

The flight itself did not really go to plan as there was a 7 1/2 hour delay thanks to the Iceland Volcanic dust cloud ( we were due to fly out of the International Airport at 6.30 pm, we departed at 2.00 am )

But I was relaxed the whole time in the airport which my wife could not believe considering the circumstances !! No problems at all once we got onto the plane either, my wife could not get over me constantly leaning over her to look out the window !

The take off and landing were no problems what so ever.

Unfortunately our flight home two days later had been cancelled thanks to our friend the volcanic dust cloud again so we had to get a lift to the ferry port at Liverpool and I was totally gutted that I could not fly home ( which was amazing after 25 years of sheer panic about flying.

Everyone I know told me I could fly for another 50 years and not encounter the problems I had with delays and cancellations but it was still a breeze with your help and hypnotherapy sessions.

Once again , Thank you !!! Regards Ronan…..”