Goals – Karen

Dear Alan, Both Brian and myself would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for all the help you have given us over the past few weeks.

When we came to see you at the start, as you know, it seemed to me that my whole world was falling apart in front of my eyes and there was little I could do to ease the situation.

I had a lot of personal and family problems, which had brought me to almost breaking point. It was at that stage my GP suggested that I come to see you.

At first I couldn’t see any improvement.

However other people around me saw changes and very gradually, even without realising, I began to do things, which previously I wouldn’t have attempted or just couldn’t because I was so frightened. My whole life seemed to take on a new dimension.

Suddenly I could feel confident enough to take promotion at work, I went out more, I met more people and made new friends.

I took up new hobbies, I would stay by myself in the house if my husband wanted to go out. I could go on and on as the amount of things I can now do is unending.

I am no longer on edge worrying about each day as soon as I waken or in fact at one point I was so preoccupied I felt I wasn’t getting any sleep and was going around like a zombie.

Now I can relax. I can unwind. I’m not suggesting I never feel tense , but I can stand back and say to myself “relax”- and I do !.Hypnotherapy does not make my problems go away but it has made me face them and it has helped me cope with them. I have finished with Hypnotherapy now, and really I have never regretted a moment of the treatment.

At twenty six years of age I am now beginning to live. The old adage is true for me because the world IS my oyster. I intend to go out there and do all the things I’ve always wanted to do and didn’t. I intend to enjoy life to the full.

If anyone reading this is feeling at a low ebb and are just about to walk through the door to see Alan, remember at all times – there is hope at the other side.

Once again Alan – many thanks.

We owe you a lot. All the best Karen H.”