Insomnia, Stress & Anxiety – Elizabeth


I went to Alan on 11th July 2020 with chronic insomnia and stress that had built up over 5 months. Today, 5 weeks later I had my 4th and final session with Alan. I have been sleeping 8 hrs almost every night this week. What a success story is all I can say.

5 weeks ago I was a mess. A shaky, anxious stressed, exhausted mess! I was at the end of my tether and averaging about 3 hrs sleep a night. I needed help and had tried sleeping pills,  CBT counselling to little effect.

I have 3 young daughters so I could not be an exhausted mother for much longer.
I had been working from the home part-time during the lockdown with my husband working ft from home, 2 daughters homeschooling and one toddler, an absolute nightmare!

Alan enabled me to see that the insomnia was stress-related. I was sceptical at the start just praying that something would help me and it really did.

Alan has been a miracle man who has brought ME back! I have no anxiety, I am chilled and know I will sleep when I go to bed. I am beyond overjoyed.

JUST DO IT. Don’t overthink it, just go get this help.  There is nothing to be worried about.
I am delighted to get my life back.

Thank you, Alan. Hoping to never see you ever again