Interviews- Oona

” Before coming to see Alan Gilchrist I was in my final year at university and had already applied for a number of jobs. However, as the interview dates drew closer I became overwhelmed by panic and anxiety.

Given the current economic climate I was very aware that the competition for each job was fierce.

I had a crisis of confidence regarding my ability to come across well in an interview. This affected me to such an extent that I began to cancel each of the interviews one by one, but my ability to face up to my fears regarding interviews just made me feel worse.

Finally a friend suggested hypnosis as a last ditch attempt to find the courage to face up to my interview fears.

I made an appointment to see Alan Gilchrist and had a session of ” Fast Track ” therapy.

This session together with listening to the specially designed CD gave me the confidence to finally face my fears and turn up for an interview. Once in the interview the Hypnotherapy treatment also helped me to remain calm and relaxed even when faced with very challenging questions.

I’m pleased to say that I was contacted later that week and offered the job!

Thanks Alan…………..Oona………”