Interviews – Rodney

“Dear Alan,

I was in with you at the start of February – problem with panic attacks in promotion board interviews.

I had my interview this morning so I thought I would let you know that it went fine. No Panic, flushes or light headedness this time.

I went in and conducted myself with confidence and had no problem answering the questions. Any instances where my mind went blank , I was able to compose myself and get some sort of answer together after a quick “scan ” of my mind.

Like anyone after an interview , in hindsight I might have answered some questions differently but that is standard for most normal people in an interview situation.

I may or may not have hit the points the panel were looking for but a least I conducted myself assertively and with dignity.

Many thanks again Alan – think I have exorcised my “demons” , and would have no problem going for one of these criteria based interviews again.

I’ll have to wait a month or so before the results come out , so whatever happens happens! Bye for now, Rodney ……….”