Phobia – Cathy


” My problem is quite an unusual one , although one that had been with me for as long as I can remember. It is a mixture of the fear of needles/injections etc, along with the sight of blood or any kind of gory event.

As I got older it now seems to me to be the “pain” aspect of a situation. Its almost like I take on whatever “pain” I’m seeing and imagine , or feel it within myself – this then causes me to feel terribly week and results in me fainting.

Seeking the help of Hypnotherapy was really a last option for me , as I had tried seeking help from doctors and they were unable to help.

My phobia had taken over me for so long, it was now an automatic reaction if I came in contact with any injection, blood or any type of pain.

It even occurred whilst on a night out at the cinema. The scenes of a particular film were just too graphic , I felt myself get incredibly sick , cold and hot flushes and before I knew it , I had fainted.

Quite public scenes like this one , were becoming more and more common – I knew I had to do something about it.

My 1st Hypnosis session was incredibly effective. I felt relaxed to an amazing degree, that when I “woke up” I felt so free of stress and tension , almost light headed, I couldn’t help but smile.

Throughout the other sessions I learned to completely relax my whole self at a much quicker rate. Different breathing exercises and positive thinking helped me face and conquer my phobia.

I’ve recently attended the dentist to get my 1st filling , I endured an injection to numb the area and was able to get through it without fainting – as you can imagine I was over the moon. I’ve never known myself not to faint in that kind of scenario.

I’m now planning to re-watch that film I fainted at whilst at the cinema. I feel confident I can get through the whole film this time. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Alan for all his help and advice.

I really feel I’ve come so far and although it will take ongoing work on myself to conquer many other problems that should arise, I now feel confident and positive to conquer them successfully……… Cathy…………..”