Phobia – Nigel


” There are certain turning points in everyone’s life, and one of mine occurred when I was fortunate to meet Alan Gilchrist.

For 40+ years I had always felt acutely self-conscious when out in public, walking about town, meetings and socialising at parties and other gatherings.

I always felt that everyone was watching and judging my every move, as if all “eyes” were on me. I had read numerous books, downloaded lots of reading material an this issue, even got Hypnotised by someone else a few years ago. But the problem remained.

I had had enough and I decided I would have to do something about it. My life was becoming so restricted. I wasn’t getting any younger and the problem wasn’t getting any better! So I ” Googled” the problem.

It seemed I may scopophobia, and I contacted Alan and one week later I was in his company. I explained my feelings and he assured me he could help me.

I took 4 sessions of Fast Track Hypnosis, and I can honestly say, after the first one, I was literally “bouncing ” up the Lisburn Road, feeling like I had a massive weight lifted off me!

I was relaxed, calm, focused on here and now, and the whole Hypnosis experience was phenomenal ! Each session made me believe I could overcome my issue, boost my self belief and confidence, and my self worth.

Now I enjoy life, I am more relaxed, self assured and believe in myself.

My only regret is that I didn’t contact Alan many years ago!

So if anyone reading this has a similar problem or any issue at all – just do it – book that session with Alan NOW!!

Thank you so much Alan and take care…….Nigel….”