Phobias – Anon


” As you know I am a member of the Northern Ireland Fire Brigade and part of my regular training incorporates the training in a B.A Pod which consists of crawl ways, tunnels and going through barrels.

However after ten years in this service, I became conscious of the closed-in surroundings and suddenly found myself having panic attacks to which I used every excuse I could find, in case I would be found out, as I know I would have been automatically dismissed from the Service.

I would not have been able to complete my training, and, I would have been assumed unfit for fire service duties. But after a course with you I found that I could relax and I became more self-motivated, and I was no longer tense as I had been previously.

I would like to take this opportunity to reassure any other N.I.F.B personnel who like myself find themselves in the same situation to do not hesitate to contact you and complete the course. As I can assure them that it does work and they will benefit from it as being a more relaxed, more calm than before and have an outlook as previously they had.

So once again I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance and I will always be in your debt as you saved not only my job but my livelihood as well.

I am sir, yours gratefully.

Name withheld…..”