Phobias – Karen


Dear Alan,

I just wanted to drop you a wee line to thank you for all you have done for Bethany. 2 months ago she was terrified of needles, and would not let either the dentist work on her teeth or permit the practice nurse to give her, her due vaccination for tetanus.

It distressed her as she is 15 and she understood that if she did not get the work done on her teeth she was going to loose them before she was much older, It distressed me too as her mum, watching the terror take over her life.

We had been watching dancing on ice on telly, and saw how one of the contestants got hypnotherapy for confidence.

Bethany suggested she would be game to try it and hence the phone call to you. I thank the Lord above for the gifts and abilities that he gives us and at the moment am mightily impressed at your gift that you have exercised on Bethany.

Not only has she been able to attend the dentist and get her gum frozen prior to treatment, she didn’t even flinch nor bat an eyelid in doing so. On her way into the dentist she asked me to make an appointment at the doctors for her tetanus shot, which she got just on Thursday.

The nurse that gave it to her could not believe the transformation, as she had tried for 40 minutes to coax her into getting the tetanus injection.

Bethany used her Ipod with your CD on it just to regulate her breathing. She has since asked me if she can get her ears pierced.

This is really big for her, she’s always admired her 3 sister’s earrings, and was always a bit ‘down’ because she couldn’t wear them.

Now that she has overcome the phobia of needles I’m worried in case she gets a tattoo!!!

Thank you once again Alan for guiding my daughter through a troublesome time.

May the Lord bless you and give you health to carry on exercising your gift and knowledge.

Highest regards, Karen