Relax – Alan


! To anyone in Alan’s waiting room!

“Dear Alan,

this is just a note to say thank you for helping me with my jealousy!

Lord knows that I was in an extremely depressed state. I was falling out with loved ones and friends alike.

I broke up with my girlfriend because I could not handle my problem. I am not writing this letter to gain sympathy, I am writing it to let everyone know that I am a changed man- and it is all thanks to you… Alan.

I thought that I was beyond help and that I was going to be a lonely old man, then I decided to try Hypnosis and that all changed.

A man once told me” If you do not make a mistake – you make nothing”This is the truth- the mistake that I made was not trying hypnosis at the beginning.

I am now back with my girlfriend and everything is great. To anyone reading the letter- you don’t lack strength, you lack will!

Alan can give you the will to overcome your problems that you have, and I am a prime example of this.

And to you Alan- words can not express what you have done for me.

Forever in your debt …..Alan……..”