Relax – Dermot


“Before I visited Alan I was in bad form, to the point of tears every single day.

I had been that way for months and it was getting worse. A series of events in my life , none of them perhaps significant to an outside eye, but they were to me, had knocked my confidence and taken their toll on me.

Things had snowballed to the point where every little thing was annoying me and reducing me to tears.

I wasn’t depressed to the point where anyone outside my immediate family was aware of it, but the effort of smiling was getting too much and I could feel myself sliding in bad directions.

I visited Alan four times, and even after the first visit I felt surprisingly better.

I had never been hypnotised before and was a little wary, but the whole experience felt nothing more than being very relaxed and having him talk to me.

It actually felt so normal that I was really surprised when I started to see results within hours.

Its been a month now , and while the underlying issues haven’t been fully resolved I haven’t been teary and upset since my first visit and I feel much stronger.

Basically I can see things much more clearly, and in a positive light – I’ve found the energy to start enjoying life again.

Thank you Alan………Dermot……..”