Relax – Eleanor


” Alan succeeded where all doctors and psychologists failed.

I had waited 5 years to have a baby, not my choice, but my husband decided we couldn’t afford one straight away, so after a holiday in Corfu, I came home with a positive result – nine months later a beautiful baby daughter ( now 23 and at university), but 3 months after my daughter was born, I wasn’t able to sleep.

I had had a caesarean birth so had to take it easy, which meant sitting around doing nothing , but the mental torture set in. Every minute of every day was the same, I didn’t know what was wrong, then I read a baby book and I found the answer – P N D ( post natal depression) .

After months of running to my GP in desperation my husband called Alan after seeing an advert . Well that was the turning point in my life , I listened to his tapes , yes in those days it was tapes, and the relief was almost instantaneous.

I listened to my tapes on a regular basis , and still do to this day when stressed. The sound of Alan’s voice still has a calming , soothing effect. I went on to have another child , fortunately this time I had no P N D and was able to enjoy my second child.

Please don’t suffer , don’t hesitate, get relief, peace of mind and start to enjoy life, believe me you can never look back but only positivity can come from your visit to Alan.

You do have to listen to your CD’s on a regular basis to get the full effect.

From a broken young woman, who could hardly get out of bed without crying or breaking down, I now run my own business.

I never thought 23 years ago I would be writing this cause all I could think was negative thoughts. Now I have one grandchild which I really enjoy, I never thought I would see the day.

I feel I owe you my life , as you had succeeded where others failed. I can’t thank you enough.

Thank you for giving me the chance to love life so much……Eleanor……….”