Relax – Mervyn


“Dear Sir,

this time last year my wife was heading for a breakdown.

Her mother had a slight stroke and as a result had to come and live with us. My wife’s sleep pattern became disrupted, she was losing weight through lack of eating, etc. In general her health took a serious turn for the worse.

Nothing the doctors could offer (and that was very little) seemed to work. I was at my wits end. A colleague at work mentioned Hypnosis.

To be honest I was at the stage where I would try anything, and after a search for a local clinic came up with you. This for all of us was a turning point.

I can well remember our first visit – we didn’t know what to expect but you soon put us at our ease and started the treatment.

After the second visit we could see the changes for the better, and after the third my wife found no need for further visits. It may be a year ago but I can assure you that I think of your excellent work every day and tell people about it regularly.

Without your help I don’t know where we would have been today.

My wife is back to full health and strength, and is able to cope with her mother who is still with us.

Sincere thanks from both of us, and best wishes for all you do in the future.

Yours in gratitude,

Mervyn and Lesley C.”