Relax – Peter


“Just some words to thank you for your help.

I am a full blown alcoholic who has been battling with my addiction for many years.

While I can cope with the physical part of my addiction it has always been the mental part that I could not cope with. That is the part of my head that persuades me that I will be alright if I take a drink today ( when I know, if my thinking was right. I cant touch alcohol ).

I suppose that this is the hardest part of any addiction.

After just one session of your treatment you reversed that thinking in my head to ” I don’t drink any longer”. Not only that but my head tells me with such conviction.

After another 2 sessions I had been taught how to totally relax and more importantly how to hypnotise myself. This has been very useful in many stressful situations.

Thanks again for you help in turning my life around. Peter………… Have a useful day.”