Relax – R


“Dear Alan,

Y. is off to America and I hope to a new life.

This time last year H…. and I were desperate and not to feel any better for months to come. However we have made it through to now and the wonderful miracle of seeing Y. recovered, and better than we’ve ever known or could have hoped for.

The last eight years have been a living hell for us. We wish you to know that we will be ever grateful to you for the time and skill you gave her.

You helped her find herself and know how to cope with so many worries, above all you gave her the will to live and strength from within that no Doctor could or even tried to give her.

Fifteen weeks in hospital and she came out no better- on huge amounts of tablets and after a few weeks with you she was off all the strong medicine and by the end with you the improvement was wonderful.

From the moment your receptionist answered the phone to us she gave up hope for we had just left the hospital after being told she was a “hopeless case” .

We thank you deeply Alan and Mary and wish you everything that is good in life.

Yours Sincerely

R. and H.”