Sports – Alastair

” Hi Alan I just thought I’d drop you an email to say HI.

I remember when I came to see you about 8 years ago in Ballymena and in Belfast that on your wall you had notes from people you had helped and who had a successful response to hypnosis.

I have been meaning to write one for ages now.

You probably don’t even remember me cos it was so long ago but I came to you to seek hypnosis for my surfing as I struggled with confidence and self belief at times.

After I saw you I found it hard to grasp the hypnosis for a few months and I over thinked it but after a short time I found how to use it and it made me so aware of my mind that I started achieving huge things in surfing  and in other parts of life.

I went to England to compete on the UK pro tour and finished fifth in my first year on tour and also in the same year won the British Student Nationals.

I went on to take on surfing some of the most dangerous big wave spots in the world and am currently involved with riding waves as big as 60 feet here in Ireland.

I have used hypnotherapy a great deal and I really honestly believe that coming to see you for three short sessions changed my approach and made me more aware of my mind.

I still use it now and have developed it into using my own words and putting them on paper in my house and van.

The mind is a very powerful tool and most people overlook that side of what they are doing and focus more on the physical instead of a balance.

I have been nominated for a global big wave riding award in the past two years and I have just recently been invited to compete on the APT (association of professional tows surfers) at an event in Chile. 

My friend Andrew will go alongside me and we are the first team to be included in this event from Europe.

Thank you once again for hypnotising me way back then.

It truly has played a huge part in my success.Regards Alastair Mennie “