Stop Smoking – Ann

Hola Alan,
My friend Theresa and I came to see you last June, our appointment were for giving up smoking, I had been smoking for 29years (gawd!) and for the last five smoked about 30-40 a day, my friend had for about 27years( she was a constant chain smoker) .

Before our appointment we were at the cafe outside trying to smoke as many cigarettes as possible. I was first in (I had a terrible hangover but after hypnosis it disappeared) I came out and sat at a table to wait for my friend. On the table it had a ashtray on it yet it never bothered me.

We were on the beginning of a weeks holiday so we were flung in at the deep end i.e. going for a drink and we were surrounded by smokers but we never were tempted.
I think the best piece of advice you gave us was not to eat sweets or chew gum as in the hand to mouth, I thought I would miss that most the hand to mouth habit.
I honestly never thought in a billion years I would have gave up smoking, I’ve try patches, gum, acupuncture, tablets and hypnosis (not you of course).

The CD was great, unfortunately I have misplaced it as I liked to listen to it every now and then.
One last thing – I went through so many trails and tribulations in the last year and I’ve not been tempted back to the dreaded weed.
Thank you so much Alan. Regards Ann…….”