Stop smoking – Christine Henderson

“Hello Alan, just a brief line to say, Thank you Thank you Thank you…

My husband attended your clinic in Cabo Roig on Friday 23 September 2011 for help in stopping smoking. I am so pleased to say from that day to this, he has been a non-smoker and has not even been tempted to take a puff!!

Your hypnotherapy and CD did the trick, and your advice on leaving the clinic about not lighting that ciggie to ‘test’ whether hypnotherapy works, was the best advice you could have given him. He has never looked back.

Our friend Violet came for her appointment 3 weeks ago, and I am happy to report that she too has not smoked since.

So, from 2 very happy families, thank you again, and we would not hesitate in recommending you to others.

We would want the world to know how happy we are that your service works. Christine “