Stop Smoking – M

“Thank you
Alan, just wanted to thank you. I went to see you 2 weeks ago to stop smoking. I am amazed by how easy it has been.

I have not had one craving, I feel so much happier and healthier. This has completely changed my life.

I am a more positive person and everyone is commenting on how much more relaxed I am. I even had someone tell me my eyes look much brighter!!

I have recommended you to so many people ( I think people are thinking I am on commission from you).

My director in work went to you last week to stop smoking too and is also finding it easy and my mum went to see you on Friday for weight loss. My dad, brother and sister in law are all going to make appointments with you to stop smoking as are 2 of my friends so you will be kept busy!

Thank you again. I cant believe how fantastic I feel and am amazed I have not had one single craving even when drinking alcohol. I will be forever grateful to you and will continue my mission on spreading the word on how fantastic you are! … M…….”