Trict – Barbara

 ” Hi Alan,

You probably won’t remember me but I came to see you in 2010 about the hair pulling.

I was on the Internet and I see you have updated your old site.
I remember you telling me at the time about how common my problem was and I am glad to see that you have included it onto your site.
When I came to you it was out of desperation because everywhere I went no one could tell me what was happening to me and why I was doing it.

It had got to the stage where I simply would not go out any more, I fell out with my partner and left my job because I was so embarrassed about people looking at me.
I ended up wearing a scarf on my head. On one occasion I even told someone I was going for chemotherapy and my hair was falling out!

After my sessions with you I stopped pulling out my hair and it took a while before I would go out again, but I did.
I found a new partner (I can laugh now because he is bald) and got back to being “normal” again.

I returned to work and recently got promoted to management, so I am getting there. It’s surprising about the hair pulling because I have read a lot about it in the newspapers recently.

Thanks for everything, Barbara “