Weight Control – Diane

“I had my Gastroband ( Gastric Band Hypnosis ) 2 weeks ago and already I have lost 6.6lbs(3 kilos), which is fantastic. I have followed Alan’s instructions to listen to his CD every day,

which I believe helps to re-enforce what he said to me during my half hour consultation to undergo the Gastroband Hypnosis. It is also very relaxing and aids a very good nights sleep.

It has totally changed the way I see and think about food. I have done every diet going in the past but nothing has ever seemed to work.

I no longer overeat and do not eat between meals, which in the past were both failings of mine.

I am so pleased that I have had the Gastroband Hypnosis and look forward to the new slimmer me FOREVER.

I am also a member of the Sophia Wellness Centre and visit the centre everyday and this has given me more energy and the motivation to keep my spirits up.

Diane G…………”