Weight Control – Martin

“Hi Alan,

I underwent your fast track hypnosis just six weeks ago. My weight had been gradually increasing for several years as I really enjoy eating and drinking, and, in Spain with all its wonderful food and wines,

it is easy to slip into excess. I had tried various methods of dieting over the years, but the problem was always the same; sooner or later I returned to my old eating and drinking habits.

It seemed to me that my old habits had not really changed, but had just been submerged by whatever diet I was on, and, as soon as I had finished dieting, I returned to those previous habits.

When I came to see you I had very little faith that hypnosis could help at all, and, even if it could, I did not believe that anything could be achieved in one session. I was a real sceptic.

In the last six weeks I have lost just over ten kilos, and have another seven kilos to go. It has all been so easy. I still really enjoy my food, which is mainly low calorie, but which now seems to be so much tastier.

I now eat far smaller quantities than before and find that I do not want high calorie foods. They just do not hold any interest for me.

I had read the letters included with your articles in the local English language newspapers and on your website, but took them with a pinch of salt. I now have to admit that every letter you have published must be entirely true.

Now I am writing one of my own.

I look forward to gradually losing the extra kilos to reach my target weight of seventy-five kilos, and now feel that for the first time, with the occasional help of your CD,

I shall have little difficulty in maintaining my weight at that level.

I will of course let you know if such is not the case, but I feel confident that I will not need to return to the couch.

Kind regards Martin ………….”