Weight Control – Mary

“Dear Mr Gilchrist,

I received hypnotherapy last March for a weight problem. At the time I weighed 15 ½ stone and had spent my entire life from the age of 16 on freak diets, which failed to work in the long term.

I consulted you as a last ditch- I mean no disrespect, but I didn’t believe that hypnotherapy could help me ; however as I had unsuccessfully tried just about everything else, it was all that remained and

I reluctantly decided to give it a go.

As I left your clinic after that session, I must confess that I felt no different from when I went in, and, although politeness prevented me saying so, I felt it had just been a huge con.

I did, however want to be fair, and so I carried out you instructions. From the morning following my hypnotherapy, I found that somehow, I only wanted to eat sensible food.

Sweet shops and bakeries might as well have been selling bits of wood – like magic, their hold over me was gone. I have to date lost 4 ½ stone ( 28.6 kilos ) by eating three sensible meals a day and snacking ,

if I feel I want to, on fruit or a slice of brown bread. Needless to say I am now a confirmed believer in the efficacy of Hypnotherapy. With gratitude.”