Weight Control – Sandra

“Just thought I would drop you a line to let you know how I have got on since visiting you in January 2012. I attended one of your Hypnosis sessions to help me lose weight as my eldest son was getting married in May 2012.

I had been trying lots of fad diets but nothing was working for me – I just felt I needed something to kick start me.

I left your office not knowing whether it was going to work or not – IT DID. I have been eating healthily and have not had one piece of chocolate since my session.

I hadn’t weighted myself so I don’t know exactly how much weight I have lost – all I can say it that I am down 2/3 dress sizes and have had lots of nice comments about how well I look.

My son was married 4 weeks ago and I had a lovely day – all helped by the way I was feeling about myself. I felt and looked great and was full of confidence.

I would also like to celebrate the success of my sister and nephew.

My sister attended one of your sessions just a couple of months ago and has lost 3 stone!!! She has tried numerous diets and prescription pills. She went to her Doctor and told him about her visit to you-he is

very interested and has asked her to attend every 3 weeks to get weighted-he is very pleased with her progress.

My nephew attended for a confidence issue. He is doing brilliantly and has attended an interview recently and landed the job something that he couldn’t have done in the past, he is also attending classes to

learn a new language – we are very proud of him and his progress.

Thank you again for your help………………..Sandra………..”