Weight Control – Sarah

” Unable to control weight due to brittle type one diabetes for 11 years I was having terrible cravings for sweets, crisps, chocolates, etc, and as a result of a poor diet and addictions

I was taking 8 – 9 insulin injections per day.

My health was at a serious risk and had tried many different medications and herbal remedies but nothing was able to control it. After 17 hospital admissions with a diabetic coma and DKA in 12 months

I had no other choice but to seek more help.

I contacted Alan and he was able to see me that evening. Within 6 weeks my cravings reduced by 95% and my insulin injections were also reduced to 1 – 2 at the most per day.

I feel as if I am not a diabetic anymore and it’s the best I’ve felt in a long time. I would defiantly recommend Alan to anyone – he was the first to help me in many ways!!! Absolutely brilliant……………. Sarah……..”