Weight Control – Tracy

( Tracy Allen Director of the Sophia Health and Wellness Centre in Cabo Roig where I hold one of my Spanish Lose Weight Hypnosis and Gastric Band Hypnosis Clinics……………….)

“ Well I was sceptical about Hypnosis to lose weight and if it really worked. When Alan is here the amount of people who come to see him is incredible, and their reactions and comments after their sessions

at the Centre got me thinking mmmm…. maybe there is something in it.

I always eat very healthily and exercise every day but you can say that I like my food and my portions… so talking to Alan and looking at his web site I thought I would try it and try it I did 2 weeks ago.

I was hypnotised for the Fast Track Gastroband ( Gastric Band Hypnosis ) session, and Alan also included the Laser therapy as well. I was aware of everything around me throughout, actually thought I was in

hospital having the procedure. After the 30 minute session Alan gave me a CD to play every night (very relaxing).

Well the next day my body was telling me to eat all that food BUT my head was saying NO!! HOW!!

The first week I lose 2 lbs and the second week I have lost a further 2 lbs. I now think very differently about food and eat very little compared to before. I simply can’t believe this only took one session , I’m amazed.

I would recommend anybody to try it, but to make it even more effective to exercise regularly 3 – 4 times a week to help the metabolism and tone those muscles to make your body look good and feel great with the weight loss

( Alan puts it into the session to do just that)

It has been so successful for me that lots of my own clients are now using the Fast Track Hypnosis Lose Weight Session or the Fast Track Gastroband ( Gastric Band Hypnosis ) in conjunction with their regular exercise

regime at the centre, where I can monitor their ongoing progress”