Overcoming a Phobia of Dogs – Nichola’s detailed story.

A Phobia of Dogs I contacted Alan 3 weeks ago as my Phobia of Dogs was just taking over my life.

I couldn’t go to certain places and it was ruining my life.

This phobia has taken over my life for years, and no one understood how bad it was.

One day I read a story of a girl that had a phobia of cats.

I watched her video with her reaction and it just clicked with me and I thought to myself this is me, I need to contact this man.

Sitting in work on the Thursday 13th September 2018 I sent Alan an email.

I was too embarrassed to call him as I was 28 years old and petrified of dogs.

What was this man going to think of me? That’s what was going through my head.

Thinking to myself how do I start this email off? How do I begin it?

The Email.

 " Good Afternoon Alan,
I don’t know where to begin!!! as I’m Absolutely Petrified of dogs.
This is such a big deal for me to even contact you through email.

I’m 29 next month and I’m absolutely petrified of dogs. Actually petrified isn’t even the word for it.

There so many places that I can’t go to as I know there will be dogs, it totally ruins my life so much.

People don’t understand my phobia.

They stand and laugh at me or smile and say it's ok it won’t touch you.

To be honest that’s not what is going through my head. I can’t describe what it makes me feel. I couldn’t put it into words.

My close family has dogs and it hurts me even thinking about it.

My sister got a dog when she got married and moved into her own house. I remember the day receiving the picture of it saying Hello Auntie Nikki.

I literally cried for weeks and weeks knowing that I couldn’t just walk into her house without knowing my fear was going to be in there.

Then my sister decided to get my dad a dog for his 60th birthday and I can’t say in words how I felt about this.

I felt so hurt, sad and knew I would never be able to walk into their house the way I would like to. This hurts me so much because that’s the home that I grew up in.

It’s not my family’s fault I’m scared and they have to enjoy their life.

I could literally cry writing this email. No one understands the feeling I have.

The feeling inside me writing this I feel sick, nervous, scared and embarrassed.

This is such a big step for me even to contact you.

But as my sister said making the enquiry is the first step and in the right direction.
Please help me."

People would laugh at my phobia of dogs.

When I said I had a phobia of dogs, people would laugh at me and tell me to “wise up” and that they “wouldn’t touch you”.

That’s not what was in my head. My phobia was so bad that I couldn’t go into a house if a dog was in it.

Going out, if I saw a dog I literally turned and ran in the other direction or would have ran out in front of a car just to get away.

In my head, I had to get away from the dog as soon as possible. Standing crying, having anxiety and a panic attack over a dog was the worst feeling ever.

If I had decided to head off for the day, I would automatically think, can I go there? And would there be a dog there?.

I would be on the internet checking out if a dog had to be on a lead or if dogs where allowed in the place we were going to.

The Fast Track Hypnosis process with Alan Gilchrist

Less Than Five minutes after I emailed Alan he was in contact with me by telephone.

He promised me he was going to help me and could I come and see him the following Monday.

How was this man ever going to help change my life?.

Driving up the road I felt sick, I hardly spoke in the car. Then sitting in the waiting room waiting on Alan to see me I actually didn’t know what to think.

Alan came in and got me and I said to him “Can my mum come in as well?” in Alan’s words he said, “this is about YOU”.

It was true this was about me, and no one else; I was coming to see him for myself.

Walking into his room I was nervous, anxious, embarrassed and felt sick to my stomach.

Alan started to speak to me and I literally burst into tears and could hardly breathe as I had myself so worked up.

I couldn’t hold it in any longer. He got me calmed down and told me he could help me overcome my phobia of dogs, as long as I put the hard work in and put my mind first.

Thinking to myself I really want this to work, but I’m so petrified I don’t think anyone can help me. I didn’t want to let anyone down.

But I had to keep telling myself that I was doing this for me and only me. I could never picture myself even getting close to a dog.

Inside I was thinking about my breathing and I was panicking but I put a brave face on in front of Alan.

After my first session, I literally couldn’t believe how I felt.

Alan gave me a CD to take home to listen to every night and each night my relaxation got better and better.

Coming out of my first session, I met my mum at the door she hugged me and said I’m so proud of you taking this step.

She asked me how I felt, truthfully I said: “I actually can’t explain to you in words how I feel, I feel so different and relaxed.”

The second session, I honestly didn’t expect to feel the way I did.

I  got into the car and smiled the whole way home; thinking to myself this man is making me think differently.

I kept listening to my CD and it was making me feel better each day but I couldn’t explain to anyone how I felt.

The quote I kept thinking about was ‘she turned her cants into cans and her dreams into plans’.

After the 3rd session, I was heading out for dinner straight after it.

It was a Thursday night, we went for a lovely meal at the Harbour Bistro. Whilst walking back to the car I saw a dog coming towards us and it was off the lead.
It came over and sniffed my fiancé's leg and walked on past but I didn’t flinch. I walked on by and kept thinking of what Alan had told me in my last three sessions.

I couldn’t believe I encountered a dog off the lead and actually stood crying, smiling and was speechless.

Go me. This was a moment I will never forget.

On Sunday I was at my parents’ house.

My mum had their little dog Trafford in her arms. I looked at Trafford thinking I want to stroke you but I was so nervous.

I wasn’t scared, but I built up the courage and fed him a treat and slowly placed my hand on him and stroked him.

Couldn’t believe it, I was crying with happy tears. I stroked the dog that I cried over for weeks when I knew my parents were getting him.

I got a picture and a video of this moment as I knew no one would believe me.

The quote to explain this moment: ‘I may not be there yet, but I’m closer than I was yesterday’.

Knowing I was going to see Alan for my fourth and last session for my phobia of dogs.

The night before, I went to see if I could stroke Trafford again. Listening to my CD, I thought I need to go and do this and called round to my mums.

I was nervous as there were three people there watching me. Plus I didn’t want to let them down nor did I want to let myself down.

I ended up giving him a treat and stroking him, I kept thinking what Alan told me, about my breathing and counting myself down.

Each second I felt more confident and before I knew it, Trafford was eating his treats out of my hand and licking it.

The quote for this moment: ‘A picture is worth a thousand words…. But I have none for this one’.

I thought I would never be able to conquer my phobia of dogs.

Believe in yourself and have confidence.

Never did I think I would have been able to do this. Alan has changed my life.

The Result

My life changed from the moment I emailed Alan. From the first day, it has totally changed my life and confidence.

I no longer have a phobia and turning my Cant’s into Can’s it the way forward.

I never expected someone to change my life for the better, please don’t be like me and suffer this for years.

Contact Alan he is such an amazing man and I honestly can’t give him enough credit.

‘The only way to get over your fear is when you believe anything is possible’.

Thank you so much, Alan.
Nicola Dempster (Ballymena)
I told Alan if anyone wants to contact me regarding my experience with him, please do not hesitate.