Phobias Beginning With P

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Pain Algophobia or Odynephobia
Paper Papyrophobia
Parasites Parasitophobia or Pothiriophobia
Parents-in-law Soceraphobia
Peanut butter sticking in mouth Arachibutyrophobia
Pellagra Pellagrophobia
People Anthropopophobia
People (in crowds) Demophobia
People (in general) Sociophobia
People with amputations Apotemnophobia
Philosophy Philosophobia
Phobias Phobophobia
Physical love Erotophobia
Pins and needles Belonephobia
Places Topophobia
Plants Botanophobia
Pleasure Hedonophobia
Poetry Metrophobia
Points Aichurophobia
Poison Toxiphobia
Polio (contracting) Poliosophobia
Politicians Politicophobia
Pope Papaphobia
Poverty Peniaphobia
Precipices Cremnophobia
Pregnancy Maieusiophobia
Priests Hierophobia
Progress Prosophobia
Property Orthophobia
Prostitutes Cypridophobia
Punishment Poineophobia
Puppets Pupaphobia
Purple colour Porphyrophobia