Happy and Confident

Becoming a More Confident, Happier You!

Over the 35 years, I have been in practice at my Hypnosis Centre in Belfast, I have helped many thousands of people with severe confidence issues using Fast Track Hypnosis

During that time I have helped salespeople, athletes, entertainers, movie stars, television and radio personalities, even members of the medical profession.

Even other Hypnotherapists and psychologists, plus World Champions, have also consulted me to improve their concentration, self-confidence, and performance.

Some confidence issues can be quite straight forward such as the client who is getting married and doesn’t want to make a fool of themselves by becoming too emotional at the service and be in floods of tears (in fact I also get the parents in for that one as well!).

Some of the other problems people have asked me to help them with are public speaking, blushing, interviews, exams, and especially giving presentations where they are stumbling over their words, perhaps in front of colleagues.

Lack of confidence can be due to many causes;

  • Being teased in childhood.
  • Self conscious about ones appearance.
  • Inability to cope at work, and/or being intimidated by bosses.
  • Constantly being put down by parents or partner.
  • A previous situation where they did not react correctly or held back and now regret it

The list is endless,.

From the Negative to the Positive..

The key to the Fast Track Hypnosis treatment is to help a person overcome their self-doubts, insecurities and lack of motivation by implanting positive suggestions into the subconscious part of the mind so they can be acted upon as and when the client needs them.

Fast Track Hypnosis is a very Powerful Tool and by using all the techniques I teach you, you will overcome self-doubt and start to rebuild your self-confidence, taking it to unparalleled heights.

It means that you can be in a situation that once would have petrified you, but you can deal with it with confidently and with a sharp mind and be completely unperturbed by it!

Happy and Confident

So, if you feared meetings, social events, presentations etc. because of your low confidence, then that fear will disappear. Why?

Because the Fast Track process will enable you to craft a more positive attitude in regards to anything that would have once caused you concern, upset, unease, anger or self-consciousness.

The power and the control will revert back to you.

And, once again, you’re in the driving seat of your own life – not your fear!

Only ONE session is normally necessary if the problem is a simple one.

However, if an issue is deep rooted, it can take up to four sessions, depending upon your response and your commitment to the process.

This is in comparison to the longer methods used by psychologists and traditional Hypnotherapists,

Fast Track Hypnosis can have you back on track and within no time at all.

Support CD’s or Downloads are provided within the Fast Track package, and this will reinforce our work together.

You will also learn self-hypnosis, which will give you the ability to use it instantly if a situation arises, where you just need to calm down ,relax and get on with it.

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