Free Relaxation Session


Free relaxation session with Alan Gilchrist

A Free relaxation session and techniques are something people have asked me for over the years, and modern technology allows me to do just that – online – free of charge!

Stress and the Modern Day!

It is commonly accepted that people cope with modern-day life's stresses more readily than others can do.

Over the last year with Covid 19 and the lockdowns, plus more restrictions being placed upon them, huge numbers of people are now increasingly unable to cope at all!

I know I see them every day!relaxation

They are attending me with problems ranging from

to name just a few!

People seem to fall completely apart at the slightest pressure, while the lucky ones seem to be untouched by these stresses.

While online sessions are not ideal for helping with these problems, it really needs their sessions to be personalised.

The correct way is with face to face sessions at one of my Clinics for the person's particular issues and needs, addressed and overcame.

This 36 - minute FREE online Hypnosis session specifically helps the listener to chill out and relax.

The recording contains progressive relaxation techniques, special effects, auto-hypnosis, visualization (such as tropical islands, rainforests, waterfalls, Caribbean music) and much more.

For maximum effect, it is better to use headphones. So settle down into a comfortable position, close your eyes and enjoy!

If you have enjoyed the relaxation techniques and felt that someone else that you know could benefit from it then please copy the link below and send it to them.

Free Relaxation Session - Alan Gilchrist

NB. Please do NOT play while driving, operating machinery or when you need to remain alert.